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The Raku Book

The Raku Book


Cornelia Nagel | Raku Ceramics

Raku originated in Japan.

It has been an integral
part of the Zen Buddhist
tea ceremony for centuries.

Raku symbolizes nature:

running water,
rough stone,
the silhouette of a mountain crest.

Raku is shaped by hand

and shows traces of the tools
and the process that create it.

The firing method,

using a wood-burning kiln,
is traditional
and centuries-old.

The red-hot ceramics

are taken out of the kiln with tongs
and plunged into ice-cold water;
pieces which survive this process
are laced with cracks.

Connoisseurs treasure these highly,

as well as the soft tone produced
by striking the raku object
with a gentle tap.

Raku Ceramics

Raku Ceramics of Cornelia Nagel

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2015 Exhibition
ZWEI WEGE Arbeiten auf Papier und Rakukeramik
Musikwelten Berlin | Germany

2013 Exhibition
Raku Ceramics by Cornelia NAGEL

Japanisch Deutsches Zentrum Berlin | Germany


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